Give a great Christmas gift!
One that keeps on giving
with a lifetime guarantee!
Our instructions show you how to remove
the door and install all new hardware step
by step and have it done in about an hour!
Our greatly improved patented removal tool
makes it easy and fast.
(In the forum Journal of Light Construction,
there is a reference to the tool we had in 2011
and since has been dramatically changed!)

Our replacement hardware has a lifetime guarantee and the patented saw-tooth track end makes it faster, easier, and prefect! See it HERE!

Our "Do It Yourself" pocket door repair kit has been making it fast and simple to change out all the hardware since 2003 without one failure!

Our kits don't work on metal studs or on tracks that are  screwed through the sides. Usually, if you see screws holding the track up to the header (look straight up at the track), our kits will work.
Heavy Duty Tool Shown
A Single Kit contains everything you need to replace all the hardware for one pocket door. The patented screw removal tool with light, a heavy duty extruded aluminum track, ball bearing qudra-cycle wheels, heavy duty brackets, replacement nylon guide, rubber door bumper, screws and easy-to-follow instructions.
Complete Single Kit $179.00
Plus $10 Shipping

Additional postage is required for Canadian orders and will be invoiced after order has been processed

A Double Kit
contains everything you need to replace all the hardware for two pocket doors or converging doors; a patented screw removal tool with light, 2 heavy duty extruded aluminum tracks, 2 sets of ball bearing qudra-cycle wheels, 2 sets of heavy duty brackets, 2 replacement nylon guides, 2 rubber door bumpers, screws and easy-to-follow instructions.
Complete Double Kit $259.00
Plus $20 Shipping

Multiple Kits
(tab down for quantity)
All multiple kits include; Tracks, Wheels, Brackets, Screws, Wrench, Nylon Guides, Rubber Bumper, and Patented Removal tool, plus $25 shipping

Removal Tool ONLY
$99.00 plus $15 Shipping
If you need to remove a track to repair it or you already have replacement hardware and need to remove the old track.

Replacement Track ONLY
(tab down for quantity)
$79 plus $15 shipping
Purchase our heavy duty aluminum track including wheels, screws, heavy duty brackets, bumper, and nylon guide.

Multiple Kits
Multiple Kits
Heavy Duty Tool Shown
Track Specials
Track Specials
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